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Speak Like A Pro
18 Steps
Iridology I
Iridology II


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Life Changing Seminars You Can Attend

Speak Like a Pro - Learn the speaking secrets of the professional speakers and the power skills of master persuaders. Get people to take action. Get dates, times, fees, availability and more information here.

18 Steps to Greatness - There are 18 steps on the road to greatness. You can be proficient in them all. Yes you can become great if you take the steps but first you must know them. Get all 18 Steps.

Change Your Roots - It is often your subconscious mind that determines your success or failure in life. Most of your programming occurred before you were six years old. With the techniques of this program you are in control. The Change you want is yours.

Iridology - The eyes are the windows of the soul. Iridology teaches you what is going on in the body. You can know were the problem is before there is a symptom. Iridology is fun and easy.

Iridology II - In the basic Iridology class you were amazed at how much you could see. It was only the beginning. Iridology II teaches you how to see much more and see it faster.


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