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As a frequent speaker to business owners, church groups, and community organizations I rarely come across information relating to public speaking or presentations that is totally new to me.  Clive’s training was an exception.  Clive Buchanan’s seminar on professional speaking for our group in Denton Texas was full of nuggets I had not heard anywhere before. The format was really helpful because it allowed us to apply what we learned right there as we got it.  I found the part on stage presence and crowd interaction extremely helpful in real-life application in the months following. To anyone dedicated to excellence and passionate about making maximum positive impact on their audience, I highly recommend acquiring the skill sets he teaches. It will make you more effective, more confident and your message more in demand.”

      --Tim Mangrum,
            Financial Coach


You Can Speak Like A Pro 

Learn the skills that make professional speakers stand out from the rest. Professional speakers
earn between $500.00 and $50,000 per speech or workshop. Most earn $1,000 to $5,000.

Do you really want to move your company or cause to new heights? Would you like the skills and power to influence people to your way of thinking? Considering running for office? The difference between those who just try and those who do is the possession and use of three skills. 1-The ability to take action, 2-public speaking, and 3-the laws and tools of influence. Studies show most people are not as good as they think they are in skills 2 and 3. Yet most know they still need help. Now you have a chance to improve your skills and help yourself and people to the top







1. You will learn how to master the platform.

2. The secret powers of a microphone.

3. How to write a great introduction.

4. Where to stand and when to walk.

5. When you speak to persuade the rules of a great speech change. You will learn the new rules.

6. Find out how to get on the Radio. Discover an information source that will save you hours of boring research. 

7. Discover how to get booked to speak 10 times in ten days.

8. Bond with the audience.

9. Know how to stand.

10. What should you do with your hands.

11. Lean to speak without fear.

12. Project and be heard and understood.

I want to say how much I enjoyed attending your recent “Speak Like a Pro” class. I saw tremendous improvement take place throughout the day for all of the students. I liked the fact that each participant was asked to speak before the group at the start of the class and again after each new concept was introduced. Frankly, some of us were very difficult to endure during the initial speech. By the end of the day every one of us was better able to present our ideas in a pleasant manner that was enjoyable to see and hear.

As an individual who often speaks publicly I appreciate the feedback I received and know that my presentations will be more effective utilizing the concepts learned during the class. As a person who attends many presentations, some good and many not so good, I would urge every speaker to attend your class and learn techniques to make their presentations more enjoyable for their audiences. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their ability to speak publicly.




Mike Brucia,




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