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Clive Buchanan's Newest Program Will Change Your
Subconscious Mind.

Change Your Roots is a seminar that will empower you to program your own subconscious mind. You will learn to recognize negative programming and neutralize it whether it happens in the past, future, or present. It gives you the power to have, get, and be almost any thing you want.

This program will debut in its entirety on a Success Academy at Sea cruise sailing from San Diego, December 6, 2008. 

The "Changing Your Roots" The only System of its Kind to Program Your Subconscious Mind Is Now Being Offered in Segments.

What stops you from being an extraordinary leader? What causes a talented, intelligent, hard working, leader to fail? Why is good often the enemy of excellence? This program gives you the answers. 

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New Book Released

Clive's newest book Transfer Factor Against Inhuman Terrorists  has just been released. This exciting book reads almost like a novel, yet it is jam packed with information that could save your life. It is a book you should read.

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Clive Buchanan shares the platform with John and Jane Covey

John and Jane Covey joined Clive Buchanan to present a program for the BYU Alumni aboard the ms Maasdam in the Western Caribbean. The Coveys presented The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families and Clive presented programs on longevity, stress, and communication.

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