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Clive Buchanan

Clive Buchanan is a speaker, author, consultant, master herbalist, radio talk show guest, former show host, and past chapter president of the National Speakers Association. He is fun, entertaining and content loaded. He does Keynotes, Workshops, Consulting, and Success Academies. Clive relates with the needs of the audience whether large or small.

Clive empowers audiences by teaching the basic secrets of all success. Compliance with these secrets, or laws helps people communicate more effectively, raise their self-image/self esteem, and increase their skills of leadership. The same principles improve the ability to sell and recruit while taking the sting out of rejection.

Clive Buchanan’s Story

 Experience taught Clive how to help your people achieve more.  He was happy with his financial planning and import businesses when Multiple Sclerosis (MS) took a bite out of his life. He lost almost everything including the ability to walk and write. He could still speak but with a heavy slur. He trembled constantly and his every move was jerky. The littlest things were a major challenge.

  One day a friend came to visit Clive but she could not bring herself to his side of the room. The pain of seeing him in his condition was too much for her. When she left, Clive determined that he would walk and walk that day. In Clive’s words, “I called my doctor and demanded a cure. After a long argument the doctor stated, ‘Clive you have to accept the fact that you will spend the rest of your life watching TV with someone else changing the channels.’ That made me more determined that I would walk. I waited till I was all alone. I pushed myself up from the couch and tried to walk. As I started moving forward I realized that my feet were not moving. I tried to bring my arms up to catch me but they did not move fast enough. I fell flat on my face on the floor. 

As I lay there on the floor dazed, it was like I saw a vision. I saw myself speaking to large audiences. I was teaching the people that it does not matter what happens to you. It matters how you respond to it. Then I saw me shifting gears and teaching people to take responsibility for their own lives. Then I changed topics again and began teaching about health, nutrition, exercise and mind control. I then knew what I should do for the rest of my life.” Today, more than 20 years later Clive is almost symptom free. He has been a top distributor in three network marketing companies and has received national and regional awards in the insurance industry.   

You and your people will feel you can achieve all your dreams and goals when you hear Clive’s story.   He used nutrition and mind power to change Multiple Sclerosis from a curse to a blessing. Once quadriplegic he now walks, runs, and dances on stage.  Whether you laugh, cry, or just enjoy, Clive’s message will make your life better as you take charge of your own destiny.  His presentation will make overcoming life’s challenges easier. 

His life-long devotion to learn the secrets of greatness, success, and wellness has created a driving desire to share this knowledge with others.  His message of hope and motivation will help you and your people see a few more pages of your book of possibilities.  His combination of content, motivation, and entertainment has made him an internationally known speaker, trainer, and consultant. In the jungle called work and life it is good to have a lion on your side.


 Clive’s education is never ending. He studies for an hour or more almost every day. He has a comprehensive book and tape library on success and wellness.  His desire to learn more has taken him as far abroad as Brazil.  He has a composite Speech-Drama major and a Religion, and German minor degree from Brigham Young University Hawaii.  He is a Reiki Master.  He holds certificates of achievement in both Herbology and Iridology from the Institute of Natural Therapeutics.  He has taken advanced classes in Pastoral Wellness from Lafayette University and is currently working on a Doctorate degree from Westbrook University.


  Clive Buchanan is: CEO and President of the C. J. Buchanan & Companies and Success Academy at Sea.

Graduate of Brigham Young University Hawaii.

Past President of the Speakers Association of Hawaii. (SAH)

Past Chapter President of the National Speakers Association.

Author of 4 books: Love, Money, and Personal Power, Walking With Lions, Herbal Knowledge, and Transfer Factor Against Inhuman Terrorists.

Author of 3 booklets: MS-One Man’s Victory, Top Ten Power Supplements, and Top 15 Weight Loss Supplements.

Author of 7 cassette tape albums: Secrets of The Beehive Treasure, Marketing Knowledge, Nutritional Knowledge, Plagues of Our Time, Eaten Alive, Forbidden Cancer Cures That Work, and Herbal Knowledge. Single cassettes: The Magic of MLM, Love, Money and Personal Power, and The Top Ten Power Supplements.

Frequent guest on many radio and TV stations. He has been heard in all fifty states, Canada, England, Germany, Switzerland, and Brazil. 

Former Talk Show Host: Health and Wealth in Orem, UT & For the Health of It in Denver, CO

If you want increased sales, increased production, extraordinary leaders, happier workers, and better employee health (Better employee health = less down time and absenteeism.) Clive Buchanan is your speaker. 

Clive Buchanan is the CEO of the C. J. Buchanan & Companies and the president and founder of Success Academies at Sea.  He does his Success Academies in concert with other speakers. He can put together a customized program tailored to help you solve your company problems. If he is not the right speaker for your group he can recommend speakers or bureaus who can fill your wants and needs. 


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