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The Walking With Lions and MLM Leaders System programs are designed to generate enthusiasm, dispel discouragement,  and provide tools for success. The Keynote program is ideal for groups of any size. The half day, full day, and three day programs work best for groups of 300 or less but can be adjusted to fit a group of any size. The Walking With Lions program teaches a philosophy or way of thinking. A must for success in network marketing. The MLM Leaders System is a hands on how to do it program.

Key Benefits

Improved and Increased Sponsoring
7 Laws of Persuasion
More Product Sales
Improved Distributor Retention
Greater Company Loyalty
Learn an Empowering Vocabulary


Clive Buchanan has been a top distributor in three different companies. He is the King of the Multi-Level Jungle. Clive knows MLM from a distributors point of view. He has worked as a consultant to MLM companies and understands the business from the companies' point of view. He has trained distributors who have gone on to earn millions.

An Originator 
Personal Organization Distribution (POD) is the best term to describe network marketing in the twenty-first Century. It was first used in the book Walking With Lions authored by Clive Buchanan and Michale Joan Bandley Ph.D.
A Believer
Clive Buchanan knows that network marketing works. When he could not get a job, because no one would hire someone with a history of being quadriplegic with MS, he became a Multi-Level Marketer. Two years later he was the number one distributor in the company. 
He has worked with people who have gone from barrowing money to pay rent to millionaires in less than five years. MLM is the best way for the average person to achieve prosperity and financial independence.
An Entertainer
People learn best when they are having fun. Clive Buchanan makes complicated things simple and fun. Clive's programs are interactive and get the audience involved.

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