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Speak Like a Pro
18 Steps to Greatness
Change Your Roots
Herbal Knowledge
Transfer Factor
Public Seminars


The Programs

The programs listed are available as keynotes, half-day, full day, two and three  
day workshops
. Every program is custom tailored to fit your group.

Speak Like a Pro
Of all the positive attributes, skill as a public speaker is the one trait most needed to move to the top. Do more than speak well, persuade! You will learn to speak without fear, keep peoples attention, deal with distractions, and master the skills that set you apart as a pro. You can know 120 laws of persuasion and still only be able to persuade a few people at a time. Be a master speaker and move thousands to action with a single presentation.
18 Steps to Greatness

All success in life comes from compliance to basic principles. When one applies the principles taught in this program one is assured to obtain his or her desires unless they interfere with the rights of others.  Using the 18 Steps to Greatness you and your group can have love, money, and personal power. You can have it all! (Each of the 18 Steps can be a stand alone program.)

Influence System of Lions 

Learn the art and science of dynamic persuasion power. The climate of the 21st century demands more of people. This program goes beyond just getting more customers, it builds all your relationships. It teaches you how to attract and retain more customers as clients. When you apply the Persuasion System of Lions you experience more frequent and bigger sales. They come easier and faster. 

Change Your Roots 

Have you ever wondered why you do all the dumb things you do? 
It is because you are a victim of other peoples programming. You Can Program Your Subconscious Mind. It Is The Difference Between Mastery and Average! Who is the Boss? You would like to think it is you and your conscious mind. The real boss is your subconscious. 

Walking With Lions and MLM Leaders System

Discover the secrets of MLM and Walk with the lions of multilevel marketing. This program serves everyone from the beginner to the master of the network marketing industry. It introduces the concept of Personal Organization Distribution (POD). It will help both the high achievers and those who are still struggling. Leaning the truth about the opportunity dispels discouragement and renews enthusiasm. The MLM Leaders System improves activity and retention. Learn time proven principles to use with the most up to date technology

Transfer Factor Against Inhuman Terrorists   

This special adjunct to Herbal Knowledge teaches you how to both educate and boost your immune system. The inhuman terrorists (viruses, bacteria, mold, fungus, and parasites) can be defeated. All it takes is a group of molecules known as transfer factors. Collectively they are called Transfer Factor. Clive has recently finished a book on this subject.
Herbal Knowledge

If you need a speaker who can make learning about herbs, supplements and nutrition fun and easy call Clive Buchanan. In addition to being a Master Herbalist, Reiki Master, and Iridologist, Clive has a personal testimony of the power of Holistic healing. Clive has Multiple Sclerosis and was at one time quadriplegic. Today he is the picture of good health. He regained the ability to walk over 20 years ago and gets better every year.

It has been said," The eyes are the windows to the soul." With proper training a good practitioner
 can, with the aid of a light and a magnifying glass, can tell which parts of the body need help.


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