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Transfer Factor Against 

Inhuman Terrorists

Mission: Save humanity from allergies, bacteria, fungus, virus, mold, and parasites.

It does not matter how strong your immune system is if it does not know what to attack. This book will tell you how to boost and strengthen your immune system will teaching it to attacking the right things.

Key Benefits

bulletLearn how to educate your immune system 
bulletGet well faster
bulletAvoid colds, flu's and other common ailments
bulletSay goodbye to allergies and arthritis
bulletGet a healthier more effective immune system
bulletLearn how to program yourself to overcome new and drug resistant diseases 

I LOVE YOUR BOOK!!  It's so knowledgeable and INTERESTING and FUN TO READ!  Soon I'll have to order more copies.



Description SKU # Price
Transfer Factor Against Inhuman Terrorists B-TFAIT $11.95 USD

Use your credit card to order by calling 972-459-5917 or 1-800-473-7424

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