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Influence Is The Backbone of Success!
Looking for a Clue to Higher Profits?     


In this world nothing happens till a sale is made. This is common knowledge for those who sell products. It is less understood by those who provide a service. It is often believed that the persuasion skill that gets you promotions, keeps clients coming back, secures recruits, gets you a loan, or wins you an election. It is your ability to Influence that makes persuasion possible.

Every person in your company needs Persuasion skills. It will boost moral and, more importantly, it will improve your bottom line. Don't forget your receptionist. He or she may have more contact with your clients than anyone else.

The Key Benefits of the Influence System of Lions:

A Higher Closing Ratio. Every presentation will have more value.
Learn 12 Secrets of Influence. Master persuaders are masters of people and success.
More Presentations. Most agree it is a numbers game. If you present to more qualified people your 
income will go up. As persuasion skills improve so does presentation frequency. 
End Sales Slumps. Two habits can all but do away with Sales slumps. (Caution, if you consistently apply 
these principals you may have to add staff to handle all the business.)
Reduce or Eliminate Slow Seasons. Imagine an insurance agent who's best month every year is 
December. With few exceptions you can turn your slow season into the season of expansion.
More Personal Time. Because you and your people will be working more effectively you will have more 
time to enjoy life.


Directly or indirectly Clive has been involved in Influence all his life. He understands what it takes to succeed in the most challenging and lucrative career available to almost everyone in the free world.

The Son of an Influence master
Clive's father was a highly respected school teacher and a top car salesman at the same time. He taught Clive the permission based influential approach long before it became popular. 
Vast Experience
In high school he sold dry-cleaning services door to door. He paid his way through college selling shoes and vacuum cleaners. After college he sold insurance, winning awards as rookie of the year, and leader of group health insurance sales. He has been a leader in three multi-level marketing companies. He was an interrogator for the US Army. He continues to market his "Success Academy at Sea" seminars, nutritional products, and his speaking business.
Never Ending Study
When Clive was young he heard the story of an average wood cutter who could cut more wood than anyone else because he took time to sharpen his ax and his saw. The story made a great impression. In the Influence field you sharpen the saw by attending seminars, listening to CD's, reading books, and practice. You need to know a little more than the rest. Clive does them all.

Hire Clive Buchanan as Your Speaker!

you will be glad you did.

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