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The Leaders Digest


The Business of The New Century

It is estimated by futurists that within the next ten years halve the population of the free world will be customers or distributors of POD Companies (multi-level marketing companies). The Pod Digest is dedicated to promoting and building POD (MLM) distributors. POD is short for Personal Organization Distribution.

The following is an excerpt from the book "Walking With Lions". There will be additional excerpts each month. 

What is Personal Organization Distribution? (MLM)

 POD is a concept that can be applied to almost any product or service. It has the advantage of what has been termed multiplex income. In most fields you generate what is called linear income. You get paid for a specific time period or for a specific piece of work completed. In essence, you sell time. Time is a limited commodity.

 We each have 168 hours in a week. Studies have shown that these 168 hours are used up through a rather similar pattern for most of us:

40 hours plus earning a living,

49 hours sleeping,

21 hours eating, dressing, commuting, personal pursuits and working at home.

 Most people have about 20 to 30 hours left at the end of the week. Some people decide to take part of that time left and use it for a business. A good POD business can ultimately increase our so-called “free time”. The real purpose of increased income is to help us achieve our dreams. A dream shared by many is more time to pursue dreams, serve others, develop talents, travel or just relax.

 Some people earn tremendous linear incomes. Doctors, lawyers, actors, etc. are all thought to be tremendously rich. (Many of them would not agree.) Some are, yet many of them are not. Most linear occupations provide limited earning opportunities. Another problem with linear income is what you earn each year must be re-earned next year in the linear income cycle. In other words, You start over again each January with zero earnings and make your monies month by month, no matter how great the monthly earnings.

 In POD this is not the case. Yu begin the year with the same or greater income you had the preceding year unless you are running your business as a direct sales organization. In direct sales organizations there are a few leaders and many salespeople. In POD everyone is a leader and most sell.


It isn’t Magic!! It Just Seems That Way

 It isn’t magic. It is, like many other businesses, a way to move product from the manufacturer to the consumer. There must be a manufacturer who wants to market a product without investing the millions of dollars that are generally put into advertising new products or services.

 The tremendous competition in the marketplace means that 45% of a company’s income often goes into marketing and promotion. In Personal Organization Distribution a far smaller amount of money is needed to accomplish this. POD products are usually of excellent quality and are advertised by work of mouth. Money can be spent on quality rather than on promotion. The very nature of conventional marketing demands that money must be spent on advertising in order to gain a competitive edge.


A Sales Force is Needed

 After a manufacturer decides to use the POD approach, a system must be established to make it possible for a small group of enthusiastic, self directed people to learn more about the product and the business opportunity. It must be one that is not limited by territories. This group becomes the foundation of the distribution program. It provides motivation and training for those sponsored later. The company should provide training at no cost to those key individuals.

The group is often called the advisory board. Its membership will often change as leaders emerge from the ranks of distributors. Both the advisory board and the company leaders should jointly design the formula for spreading the word about the company and its products.


The motivation is simple. People who introduce POD products to friends and acquaintances have a great opportunity to make money and help people. For POD to work, the company must be stable and the products must be high quality.



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