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Iridology, The Window to Wellness

Blue EyeLearn and apply Iridology in one 2 part seminar.

Learn how to tell which part of the body is in need of supplements and care.

When the body breaks down there are subtle changes in the Iris. Learn what to look for and where.

This is a highly interactive class and uses NLP methods to increase retention and speed learning.

Presented by Clive Buchanan MH, ID, RET, Reiki Master and author of Herbal Knowledge, 18 Steps to Greatness, Walking with Lions, Love, Money and Personal Power, One Manís Victory, and Transfer Factor Against Inhuman Terrorists.

Clive learned Iridology from Dr. Bernard Jenson, Dr. Jack Richason, Dr.William Horach, & Lafayette University, with advanced studies at Westbrook University


Take charge of your own life and health!


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