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Herbal Knowledge

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Herbal Knowledge 

Herbal Knowledge is a program that will change your life. Everyday more and more people are beating cancer, allergies, asthma, arthritis, fatigue, and other incurable conditions. Clive teaches you how. He started his quest of herbal knowledge when he was quadriplegic suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. His doctor told him he would spend the rest of his life watching TV with someone else changing the channels. Today, over twenty years later, he has no visible signs of MS. He says, I have MS but MS does not have me.

Key Benefits

Healthier people are happier more productive people. When applied the principles in this program increase the probability good health. Even sick people do better when following proper nutritional principles. Healthy, happy people equate to good moral.
Reduced absenteeism means greater production. Numerous studies show that employees who eat right, take the proper supplements, exercise, and drink enough water are less likely to miss work. This program does more than tell you what you should do. It inspires you to do what you should do.
You will accomplish more. Healthy people generally achieve more. 

Clive Buchanan has spent a lifetime studying how to give you the program you want and need. He has traveled as far as Brazil to study herbs and their healing powers. Clive has mentored under several Master Herbalist and studied Pastoral Wellness at Lafayette University. He continues his Holistic studies at Westbrook University. His first degree came from Brigham Young University. It is a Speech/Drama degree. He can make complicated subjects easy to understand and dry subjects fun and entertaining.

Internationally Known
Clive is adaptable. He adjust his program to is audience. That is why he is popular where ever he speaks. If your group speaks English you will like Clive. If your group speaks German, French, Spanish, or any other language hire him anyway and get a good translator. Clive does 
understand a little German.


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