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Private or Small Group Consulting 
Clive Buchanan Consults both in Business and Holistic Health fields:


Subconscious Mind Programming

Have you ever wondered why you do all the dumb things you do? You know
you work harder and are smarter than people who make more money than
you do. It may be your programming. We can help.

Net Work Marketing , MLM

Lion Speaking Bullet 

Earn financial independence in 5 to 7 years!

Time freedom.

Be your own boss.

Many tax advantages.

Speak Like a Pro Master Public Speaking, Be one of the best.

Speak without fear.

Control the audience.

Effectively deliver your message.

It is often the best speakers who need a coach the most. Because they speak often and well few people dare critique them. They remain good, better than average, but never become the great speakers they could be. You could be the one in a million speaker who masters the art of speaking and motivating. You could change the world.

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Holistic Health

Rapid Eye Technology

Eliminate negative emotions.
Improve emotional control.
Negative emotions can cause or exacerbate illness.
Gain personal control.


The eyes really are the windows to the soul.
Discover which parts of the body are breaking down.
Learn what you need to do to improve your health.

Herbs and Supplements You Need

Improve your immune system 437%.
Support body systems. 
Eliminate supplements you don't need.

Multiple Sclerosis

Be a victor in the battle of MS!

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C. J. Buchanan & Companies  Phone 435-275-6649
PO. Box 1537, St. George, UT USA

In God we trust!