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 You Can Program Your Subconscious Mind. 
It Is The Difference Between Mastery and Average!

Who is the Boss? You would like to think it is you and your conscious mind. The real boss is your subconscious. Some Doctors like Gerald H Vin PH.D. believe your subconscious programming began while you were still in the womb. A speaker at a wealth seminar asked three interesting questions: "Have your read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill?" Every hand went up. "Do you think?" Again hands went up. "How many of you are rich?" Only one hand in a hundred went up. Were the rich ones smarter? Did they work harder? Were they just lucky? In every case the answer is no.

A book and a DVD were recently released called The Secret. The message was, "You get what you think about." There is truth in the message but it is a halve truth. The whole truth is you get what your subconscious thinks you really want and deserve if you think about it. It consistently delivers whether you like it or not.

What will you get out of the Change Your Roots Program?  

You will recognize and block hidden negative programming in your daily life.  
Learn how to make affirmations really work.
Make a treasure map that leads you to multiple treasures.
Self Talk that empowers you.
Experience what you think you want by awakening your vivid imagination.
Find the right mentors.
Unleash the key elements of self hypnosis.
Create your own personalized Subliminal Programming CD.
Discover and eliminate the conflicts between your values and desires.
Strengthen your empowering beliefs and eliminate disempowering beliefs.
Free yourself from all your subconscious limits.
This is just the beginning.

The Success Academy at Sea is presenting the Change Your Roots program. Join us and other likeminded people for the cruise of a lifetime. Call for more information.


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