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18 Steps


CDs and DVDs Are Life Changers

CDs can transform your car into a university on wheels. DVDs transform your TV into a lecture hall or a movie theater. You are in control.

Most people listen to the radio when driving. The voice or music you hear programs you. It either pulls you down or lifts you up. With CDs you determine what goes into your mind. With DVDs you have the power to learn and grow.

We have some titles that you might find life changing. More are coming.

Self Improvement

18 Steps to Greatness

by Clive Buchanan

The truly great people who shape our world are very diverse. Some are rich, some are poor. There are both righteous and evil people who change our lives. They have 18 skills in common. With few or any exceptions there are 18 steps they all have taken. They master a few of the skills, however they become proficient in all of them. This audio book on CDs can get you on the road to proficiency and lead you to mastery. Even the summery CD can change your life. $ 15.97 USD


Love, Money, and Personal Power 

by Clive Buchanan

Learn secrets to lasting success. This book summery on audio CD includes 14 of the 18 Steps to Greatness. This CD will get you on a fast start to greatness. $14.97 USD



Multi-Level Marketing or POD (Personal Organization 

Walking with Lions 

by Clive Buchanan

This audio book on CDs tells it like it is. Put an end to discouragement. Build a powerful strong self perpetuating organization in MLM or POD.




Transfer Factor Against Inhuman Terrorists

by Clive Buchanan

Is your immune system strong but uneducated? You need it to be smart because there are terrorists attacking your body in the form that we commonly call germs or parasites. This audio book teaches you how to beat them. 



One Man's Victory

by Clive Buchanan

Learn how Clive Buchanan beat Multiple Sclerosis and how you can help your condition.


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