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18 Steps to Greatness

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18 Steps to Greatness 

You want this program because you want it all. Not just for yourself but for your people and your family. The 18 Steps to Greatness program is the result of a twenty-five year study of what makes successful people succeed. Clive does not define success as just having money. He sees success as a journey during which one has a definite purpose, makes a difference, is happy, has love, and enjoys life. Though money is not necessarily a part of success or greatness it usually follows. With the persuasion skills you learn you can have all the money you want. Money is a powerful tool. It makes you more of who you really are.

 The program teaches the 18 universal secrets of greatness. It is content loaded and inspirational. Your people will discover how to achieve more, set goals, be happy, improve their health, communicate more effectively, and much more.

Key Benefits

Get What You Really Want:  You and your people will find it easier to achieve what you want to achieve.
Discover What You Really Want: Getting what you want is possible however, you must know what you want to get it. 
 Enjoy Better Health:
  Your self talk and communication with your own subconscious can change your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Have it the way you want it. 
Better Relationships with Business Associates, Friends, and Family: You will learn five simple communication skills that will change your life.

Why The System Works
The Laws of Nature Never Change.

Sir Isaac Newton discovered the law of gravity by observing a falling apple. By observing and duplicating the principle based actions of successful people you too will become successful. Your actions must be based on sound principles not vain imagination. Dave Hornacek of Utah Jazz fame did not make foul shots because he put his right hand to his cheek before he shot. Success comes from the principles you apply not the idiosyncrasies you develop. You will learn to distinguish principles from impressive fluff.  

Communicators Reign.

A recurring trait in great achievers is communication skills. The Bill Gates', Samuel Walton's, Jack Kennedy's,  Ronald Reagan's, Kurt Mortensen's, Robert Allen's, Randy Gage's, Zig Ziglar's, and Harv Eker's all exemplify master communicators. You will learn the communication skills to effectively communicate with yourself and others.
Enjoyment Enhances Learning.
The 18 Steps to Greatness program is enjoyable from beginning to end. You may laugh and you may cry and still you will always enjoy.

What are the 18 Steps to Greatness?

  1. Definite purpose
  2. Burning Desire
  3. Written Goals
  4. Attitude
  5. Communication Skills
  6. Accept Truth
  7. Take Action
  8. Obtain Optimum Health
  9. Keep Good Records
  10. Be Focused
  11. Pay 10% or More To Charity
  12. Look the Part
  13. Accept Responsibility
  14. The Art & Science of Public Speaking
  15. Ask for What You Want
  16. Eliminate the Five Fatal Flaws
  17. Face Fear Fearlessly
  18. Faith in a Greater Power

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