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A speaker who can help you "Speak Like a Pro," program your subconscious mind, educate and control your conscious mind and achieve everything you want for you and your people.

If you are planning a convention or retreat Clive is your speaker/trainer. He does Keynotes, workshops and breakouts. If he is not a good fit  or if you need multiple speakers he will be happy to refer speakers, trainers, or presenters. 

Clive Buchanan admits his first love is speaking, training, and presenting. That is why he frequently does "Speak Like a Pro" Seminars that are open to the public. He also does private consulting in public speaking, leadership, customer service, sales, MLM, and holistic health.

The topics in which he excels are Public Speaking, Persuasion, Leadership, Personal  Empowerment, Multi-Level Marketing, Sales, and Herbs and Nutrition (Holistic Health). These programs include programming the subconscious mind, leadership, goal setting, sales, and communication skills. We are confident that he can move your people to action. 

Clive Buchanan is happy to travel to wherever you hold your event. However, may we suggest an ocean cruise as an ideal place for a convention or retreat.  Success Academy at Sea is a subsidiary of C J Buchanan and Companies LLC. They are associated with most of the major cruise lines such as Holland America, NCL, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess, Celebrity, and Crystal. Cruises are cost effective and provide the luxury your people deserve. We can accommodate groups from two to two thousand.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help people understand that it is not what happens but how people respond to what happens that is important. To teach people to take responsibility for their own actions. Share the  secrets of holistic health. And find good and talented people and help them take their place among the leaders of our time.

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Company Profile

Our primary business is speaking, training, and consulting.  Many of our clients have become millionaires or overcome major health problems in the last 25 years.  We like to think we played a small role in their success.

Our main focus for the last 25 years has been serving people in the Network Marketing and Health fields,  
however, many of our clients come from other fields. The principals of success are universal.

Clive Buchanan is a past chapter president of the National Speakers Association. He has served as President of the Speakers Association of Hawaii. Clive is the Lion of the Platform.

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